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    Still a scrivener chick ... must get back to finishing some of the stories i started ... 8-26-2004: yes, i will be adding to all my stories that are incomplete ~ stick with me! I'll start with the oldest and work from there. 10/25/04: I have a writing mentor now, so I'm taking a break from fanfic to work on original fic so that MAYBE ... SOME DAY (???)... i can make a living from my writing. thx for reading! peace, out ^_~ 10/31/2005: still here. still workin, babes. 5/7/07: i have moved across country, am settled & mostly unpacked; have a job again; yippee; was hoping i could live w/o money but that didn't happen; so I AM BACK, babes ... gettin busy again 3.1.2009 : can't believe it's been FIVE YEARS since I first signed on with AFF. also can't remember what story I might have uploaded way back when. I keep scrapping this & that when I'm not happy with the end product. Meanwhile, I've moved 4 times in the last 3 years, trying to find a place I can settle into to do some serious writing. My life keeps changing and I keep rolling with it.

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