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Favorite Authors

  • OriginalCeenote

    Wonderful writer and best friend. She will make you laugh and cry but above all, she will keep you entertained. Her fics are such a delight to read. I truly love her.

  • Arenkorin

    This young man has an absolute way with words. His stories are more than words on a screen but a breath of life, itself.

  • W6C

    Eye of the Beholder and Fuh So Long are two of my favourites. This author has an amasing way with words and feelings that jump off of the screen and envelope you right along with them. His style of writing is unmatched and pleasantly exciting.

  • God_Of_Death

    From "First Born" to "The Accident", he will have you on the edge of your seat, either in stitches or suspense. He is my oldest and dearest friend. A fantastic author.