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    Iíve been thrown out of ff.net again. Second time. Iím gonna give up now. Yeah, I give up soon, but Iím out of e-mail addresses to log in with over there. Iím here now, and itís much more fun here. ^_^ Yeah, Iíve deleted the ramblings of my previous profile, about my preferences and stuff. It was very long and nobody wouldíve read it anyway. Can I still advertise a bit for my drawings? Wanna see them, go to www.fanimenation.com and search under the name of Melcynt. More naughty stuff is hosted at Shenlongs giftart section at gundam-wing-diaries.150m.com/gw/main_Updates.html. under the name of Lisa-chan. Sometimes theyíre a bit deformed or compressed, though. I should find some more sites to put my fanart on. Happy reading and happy viewing!

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