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    Twenty year old art student turned history major -- what can I say, it was my first love -- I am currently idling around trying to find a relatively smaller university to attend to further my education. At the current time I'm considering getting my doctorate in either Ancient Egyptian religions and cults or Greco-Roman warfare, though a have a passion for East Indian history, as well as the Prussian Enlightenment, and the Napoleonic Wars and Empire. In short, I am an eclectic geek. In my spare time I enjoy cosplay as well as drawing fanart and fanfiction. I also have the tendency to lapse into a form of fangirling over Final Fantasy VII's Tseng and Rufus Shinra. Such fangirling normally digresses into using such words as: snog, shag, and bunnies. Be warned. Personality-wise, I have been often referred to as an enigma. Once you believe you have found my true nature, I'll do something completely opposite and confuse the bloody hell out of you. I'm terrified of love, and prefer having an accomplice as opposed to a boyfriend who dotes over me. Despite this, I suppose I do have a strange sense of romanticism, though it is often concealed beneath layers of ice and apathy. I am also Irish, and tend to have a temper, which flares only after much stress. I'm not easily offended, and while I may not agree, will often listen to what others wish to say. I simply demand the same respect from others.
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