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    I have returned from a long hiatus.  I am not sure when I will begin writing again but I intend to slowly re-publish all of my old stories, edited, to this archive sometime in the near future. I will slowly begin to work my way back into the X-Men fandom, which has surely changed since I entered it 13 years ago.  I have recently started a tumblr, which anyone is welcome to follow: - Blu, 12/15/13

    Writing fan-fiction in the X-Men comicverse since 2001. *Currently on hiatus* but feel free to send a request, feedback, or comment. I do get notifications of reviews. I am currently not maintaining a website. The majority of my work is now offline indefinitely. If you were a member of the X-Fiction yahoo group between 2000-2002 you can find almost everything I wrote, archived there. You can find a handful of stories on X-Slash yahoo group, as well, and at in the various X-Men archives. - Blu, 11/14/2010

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