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    My pronouns: he/him.

    I can't do commissions, sorry. I may accept requests, but I don't have a lot of free time, and whether or not I do those requests may depend a lot on how inspired I am at a given time, so please bear with me.

    I only write fanfics, and Sonic content is my "speciality", so to speak. I'm okay with writing sex between any amount of people -from huge orgies to masturbation-, of any gender, no matter if they're cisgender or transgender or whatever.

    Personal favourites:

    • Servitude & prostitution fantasies (as long as the servant/prostitute is playing that role willingly).
    • Transgender / intersex / hermaphrodite (including both futanari/dickgirl and cuntboy).
    • Femboys / effeminated boys (with girly clothes, manners and/or body proportions, while still having a penis).
    • Dickgirl (or female with a strap-on) on cuntboy (or femboy).
    • Cuntboy (or femboy with a penis) with female, without domination or submission between them (it could include male or dickgirl dominating both of them).
    • Dominant male and dominant dickgirl, "sharing" cuntboy/femboy and/or female.
    • Gangbang:
      • Dickgirl gang (or male & dickgirl mixed gang) on a few cuntboys, femboys and/or females.
      • Male gang on one cuntboy.
    • Dickgirl(s) breeding cuntboy or female.
    • Teens with other teens:
      • All of them being between 15 and 20 years old, more or less.
      • All of them being either pre-teens or early teens (under 15 or 16 years old).
      • As long as there aren't cubs or very young children and the age gap between any two characters is 5 or 6 years at most, it's alright.

    Things I could write but only if I'm inspired enough:

    • Pole dance and striptease (I don't know a lot about it).
    • Masturbation.
    • Yaoi strictly between males only.
    • Yuri strictly between females only.
    • Hetero strictly between cisgender people.
    • Porn with some emphasis on feelings (I really, really like to write that kind of stuff, but it's pretty difficult).
    • Characters still being kind, sweet and a bit lovey-dovey with each other during sex (I like to write that too, and it's very difficult for me as well).
    • Femboy on female.
    • Bondage.
    • Sadomasochism in general.
    • Tentacle porn.
    • Dubious consent.
    • Teasing.

    Requests I'll strictly not accept:

    • Vore.
    • Torture.
    • Anything that involves killing or injuring severely (soft sadomasochism, such as spanking or scratching, is okay).
    • Sex under threat or at gunpoint.
    • Scat and watersports.
    • Inflation and fat fetish (big breasts and/or big butt are okay as long as they're not exaggerated).
    • Foot fetish (not very disgusting, but not my cup of tea either).
    • Rape with any mention of the mental scars inflicted on the victim (rape fantasies, such as someone dreaming of being gang-raped in a dark alley, are okay).
    • Humiliation (servitude fantasies, like someone willingly role-playing as a French maid, are okay).
    • Cubs, let alone cubs with grown-up adults.

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