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    I have way too much free time it feels like, so I write a lot.

    I tend to use the same same names alot, because they are my favourites: Hanako/Hana, Ren, Wendell, Jasper, and Tsubasa seem to be the ones I use the most. Espeically using Ren for Princess Princess stories, which I actually have over 20 on the computer saved, I just put the ones up with the most ideas.

    I also have a tendency to just randomly start a new story, instead of working on that is on going and up on here.

    I also seem to write alternate versions of the same story, still I find the best one that fits.

    I am not sure if anyone actually reads the bio's on here, so I don't think it really matters what I say.

    Iris point is the longest story I have saved, I just don't want to rush the uploading. Plus I am still editing parts. She actually started off as something completely different and with a different name. I also pick the name Iris because it is a flower like Lily, but is also Sirius without the S and the U in it, so it seemed like a name the Potters would pick.


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