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    31 yr old male - From Alberta Canada.

    I hold myself as at best, a Novice story writer. While capable of building an intriguing and likable story to read, I tend to try to shy away from stories and genres that require me to build in-depth plot or world lore and so find parodies and fanfiction as a happy and preferred medium to let my creative side loose upon.


    15/08/2021 - Greetings everyone! Just wanted to let anyone who wants to know some of my planned story releases being worked on in the near future. After finally joining Adultfanfiction.net I released my first two completed works.

    Battle City Chaos: Get to Steppin' - Yu-Gi-OH oneshot; featuring Main Protagonist: Tea Gardner and Main Antagonist: Johnny Steps.

    Repercussions of TRI - Tainted "Light" - Digimon oneshot; Featuring Main Protagonist: Kari Kamiya and the perceived repercussions I imagined could have been brought about following the events of Digimon TRI.


    With those story's listed, I'd like to tease several other 'in the works' stories that I've already either partially written or plotted out a rough idea and draft of their story progressions.

    • In the Yu-Gi-OH parody, I have several more oneshot stories all based around Tea and the different times in the YuGiOh timeline (Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, and finally the Virtual World and the Big Five). All of them are currently "in progress" with only the story set in the Virtual World of Noah Kiba and the events surround the trapped Big Five being completely written and going over final reviews before it's uploaded.


    • In the Digimon parody, I have three stories in the works, all of them currently still in the initial 'rough' stages of being written. They center around Kari's adventures inside the actual digital world, and the mysterious dark ocean that the anime teased. "I have a couple of others also kicking about; however their still in the "conceptual stage" and only the bearest of idea and plot set up has been written for them. The final story in works is one only recently designed and drafted as of five days ago and comes thanks to "WHITEKNITESKYY" and their review of the uploaded completed oneshot of my story: Tainted "Light"


    • In the Pokemon parody, I have numerous oneshot stories and plots in the initial 'rough' and 'secondary' stages of being written. I will state as per my own preferences; that almost all of the stories feature Misty as the main female protagonist while mostly avoiding or ignoring the other female traveling companions featured in the anime. If you can look past that, or really like Misty -like myself- then you'll find they cover a wide range of situations, potential events, and random occurrences; all things that Misty could 'believably' experience while living in the wonderful world of pokemon! From random pokemon encounters, her Gym Leader responsibilities and interactions with other strangers and trainers who roam the world, to the potential repercussions from her help in assisting Ash through his travels around the different regions and the foiling of evil organizations and their plans; each story has the potential to intrigue and captivate its readers. As I get the chance to focus more on them I'll be sure to start releasing some of them in the near future.


    • In the Naruto parody, I have four nearly completed stories that are in their final drafts and only need to be padded out with proper dialogue and other details before moving to the 'final review' stage. Storys are centered around Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and finally the entire Konoha kunoichi group of the members of Naruto's generation and the older sensei and female members of the shinobi forces of Konoha. Each story is unique to its main female protagonist and plays out in a setting around their specialties and abilities -with the exception of the group storyline- As most of these stories are nearly completed and only needed to be padded out and touched up before moving to final checks before upload, I've kinda pushed them off to the side for others that I'm more focused on currently. They're still not super high on my priority list so it might be a while before I post any of them. If anyone is interested pm requesting them and I might be convinced to change my mind about delaying their uploads...


    • In the Dragonball Z parody, I again have several stories that are spread about in different levels of completion. One story is firmly in stage three and needs to be padded out and edited for dialogue before it moves into the final stage. Two other stories are partially through stage two in their writing and need some dedicated care to move them into the further stages. the Two final storylines are in the very initial stages of conceptualization. Their plots have been outlined but no details or structure was been set out or written.


    • In the Harry Potter parody, I have a single story in the works that's been my break project -I work on, and use it when struggling to come up with things or ideas for others stories- It's a long oneshot, set in the Fifth year of Hogwarts when the Inquisitorial Squad and Dumbledore's Army are both active. The Main Protagonist is Hermione Granger while the Main Antagonist is Draco Malfoy. It features a plethora of different scenarios and events leading from when Dumbledor is banished right up to the end of the year and the train ride home from school. Despite being a break project story, it has already reached the mid-stage of the third stage of writing. It still needs to be padded out and its dialogue properly written in several sections but it is -for the most part anyway- getting close to completion. A couple more weeks or months of struggling with the other stories will see it fully completed and ready for upload.


    And... that's it. All the other potential stories that I've got in the works and the relative statuses in regards to my own writing process. Hope anyone who reads this will now look forward to many of my other potential written works still in the process of being written. As things are completed ill post new updates on the bio. Look forward to my upcoming works :)




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