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    Trying out writing, hopeful for commission work.

    Commissions are: open!

    Please contact me here for commissions:

    Fandoms I'm ok with writing in:
    - A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
    - Mass Effect
    - Naruto
    - Harry Potter
    - Avatar
    - DC/Marvel comics stuff
    - old Nickelodeon shows
    - tons of video games
    - tons of anime
    - Something you like not listed here? Hit me up and ask! 

    Fetishes I'm ok with writing:
    - most conventional things
    - cheating
    - cuck

    Things I'm not ok with writing:
    - gore
    - vore
    - scat
    - watersports

    For commissions, I charge $15 per thousand words. I require upfront payment through paypal. 

    If you want to commission some work, let me know what you're interested in me writing and the length of the work, and we can talk about it!


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