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    I love the Harry Potter series, SpongeBob SquarePants, Family Guy and alternate history stories! I also love all the classic old TV shows like 'The Golden Girls', 'Lost In Space' and 'McHale's Navy'.

    But my favorite TV show of them all is 'Hogan's Heroes'! The cast had so much talent that I'm pretty sure they hogged some of it that was supposed to go to future generations...and I say that because TV has gone downhill and fast. Like anyone else, I have my favorites from the show. Werner Klemperer (R.I.P.) is an AMAZING actor, and even though I've always preferred comedies over drama or war movies, his talent has encouraged me to seek out other movies he was in. So far I've seen him in '5 Steps To Danger', 'The Wicked Dreams Of Paula Schultz', 'Judgement At Nuremberg' and on the show 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' in the episode 'Safe Conduct'. I have other movies of his lined up to watch too. His smile when we first see Dr. Simmons looking over the rail in the hotel is creepy as f*k and it literally sent a chill down my spine.

    Regarding the show's characters, my favorite is OBVIOUSLY Kommandant & Colonel Wilhelm Klink, as you can see by my profile picture and username! :D The first time Klink actually got to kiss a fräulein, I literally clapped my hands and cheered "Way to go, Kommandant!" out loud, only to realize that it was 3am! He was pretty cute to me as well, and what I liked a lot too was his voice and speech patterns.

    John Banner as Sergeant Schultz was another favorite, and I felt bad for him. The poor guy JUST wanted to go back to running his toy store! But John had super long eyelashes and eyes you could lose yourself in which was awesome. I always just wanted to give him a hug.

    General Albert Burkhalter always made me laugh too, especially when he and Major Wolfgang Hochstetter were in the same room. If Klink was there too then I just gave up trying to eat or drink anything since previously I ended up snorting Cheetos. (It's a long story.) I think the reason Burkhalter made me laugh so hard is because the way he always looked so exasperated when dealing with Klink reminds me of how I feel when I deal with my sister Kally.

    While Bob Crane as Colonel Robert Hogan was cute too, I could take him or leave him, though his interactions with Klink and Hochstetter were great. Richard Dawson as Corporal Peter Newkirk was the real cutie, and I loved his sarcastic sense of humor.

    My family thinks I'm nuts for loving this show so much, and maybe I am. But it brings much-needed humor and stress-relief into my life, and for that I'm grateful. It's also taught me some German, as before I could only say three words: yes, no, and good night. I have German ancestry too (my great-grandmother was born in Germany and my dad was born in Stuttgart, West Germany when the Berlin Wall was still up.) I plan on learning German and French.

    So yeah! Thanks for listening to me fangirl over here, and if you know of (or are writing) a good Hogan's Heroes fanfiction then please let me know what it is in a message! The longer, the better; I love to read!

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