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    Hello people!

    I´m a freelancing writer of the smutty varity, and i offer commissions for any and all stories you might be interested in. Fanfictions of any type, any genre or any series, with any fetish you like including the wierd ones.



    10 €/12 $ per 1000 words, any fetish, any series. Gay, non-con and furry etc. is fine also.

    20 €/ 22 $ per 1000 words for any extreme commission, i.e. Guro, Loli, Snuff, Scat or other non-standard fetishes. 

    Be aware that i preserve the right to reject a commission if its just too fucked up, although i´ll do my best to find a place for everyone- i have a very high tolerance, and i dont kinkshame anyone.

    Contact me at:
    Or ask me on my Discord, Mato Kuroshira #5659.

    If you dont know how long your idea might take, i can give you a rough estimate. Asking doesnt cost you anything, but i need payment in full before getting started- its the internet, afterall.

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