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    Formerly known as Somewhere_In_Time!!


    --She/Her-- --Atheist-- --Bisexual-- --Virgo-- --ENFP-- --Childfree-- --Feminist-- --Socialist-- --Antinatalist-- --Straight Azula truther--

    likes: daddy doms, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, cats, shipping fictional dads with their daughters, people being gendered correctly, The Dallas Cowboys, iced coffee, wine, metal music, all things dark and creepy

    dislikes: Azula redemptions arcs, children, guns, organized religion, cops, Republicans, well-done steak, Pepsi when I wanted Coke

    OTP: Ozai/Azula

    NOTP: Azula/Ty Lee

    Find me on FanFiction! (Pen name: GulDukat'sWife)

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    No, I do not take requests on this site or any other site.

    Feedback on my stories, including concrit, is welcome and encouraged.


    Remember kids, Azula redepmtionists exist only because she is young, attractive, and most importantly - female. See any Ozai redemptionists around here? No? I didn't think so.

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