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    Hello. I welcome you to my profile. I am here mainly to read, and occasionally write things for your pleasure and mine. Please feel free to email me at any time, about anything. I welcome all interaction and discourse. 

    I will apologize in advance to anyone with sensitivities or concrete preferences if my material bothers you. I will endeavor to mark my works as accurately as possible, but as someone with no preferences, triggers, or bias I may be unaware of a delicate topic. Please feel free to review or contact me about anything I can do to improve on this matter. 

    Please enjoy anything you read, and have a pleasant day. 


    I can be reached at InhumaneEros@gmail.com 

    At this time I am not on any other site or social media. This is my only contact. 

    Credit: Little Goat by angelnablackrobe.deviantart.com 


    I gather muse from many sources of written and visual works and have read a vast quantity of books and online materials. Some of my works are original with light inspiration from other sources, as all works are inspired by our inputted information, and some are considered fanfiction. Regardless of how these are differentiated all are considered AU, in that all cannons are respected but outside the arrrangment of the stories written. 

    Fanfiction will be written either during the quiet and untold moments of a characters story, or in the before/after to their cannon. 

    If you have any requests or desires to see a particular scenario or fandom, feel free to contact me and if it is within my capacity I will write something to your liking. If it for a fandom I am unfamiliar with, I will let you know, but I have delved into so many books, games, anime/manga, shows, movies, and obscure references I cannot list them all here for you. It is more likely I will know what you reference than not.

    I like poeple to enjoy what I write, and will aim to please whatever requests I am sent. Your criticism would be welcome as well.






    The Mending Madness:  A long and drawn out story focusing heavily on an couple struggling to learn compatibilty and love while fighting their mental scars and seperate mad impulses. Slow to plot, quick to kink - this is a long story updated 1-2 times a week.



    Wishful Moments: A planned series of several snapshots through Kouryuu's life during the ages before Wish. Often dark and sexual, given Kouryuu's proclivaties. Posted seperately as they are finished and proofed.

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