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    Hi AFF community!

    I wanted somewhere to post all the unusual lemons that were building up in my hobby writing folder. I already purged about 30 last year from my computer because I would write them and fail to edit or post them.

    My style generally is vanilla, but with varied BDSM sub-fetishes mixed in. I occasionally have common ships, but mostly I write one or two ships that are unusual, and mostly interpreted as canon or at least suggested in canon.

    Usually I stay in character, or at least my interpretation of a character, which may vary from yours, but there are notable exceptions - for instance, it is my personal opinion that Amarant from Square's FFIX is asexual, but he centers in a lot of my work, so he's essentially never quite in character when I write him, even though my approximation is still better than many earlier works.

    I can explain things if you want in some other non-smut pieces and link it here later. Specific disclaimers are posted at the end of all of my pieces. I will remove content if it is requested and not repost it elsewhere. Tags will be used liberally and if there's anything that doesn't exist, I'll add a content warning to the description.

    Thank you!

    Disclaimer: I do not own the character Amarant Coral. He and the original work he comes from, Final Fantasy IX, belong to SquareEnix. I own only unique situations in my fan derivations.

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