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    Started out as just a reader... now finally I'm a writer. I've gotten up the nerve to post a few works and hopefully, I'll be able to finish some of the others and get them up. Wish me luck!

    You can also find my work on Deviant Art, Archive of Our Own and Adult-FanFiction.

    My favorite Pairings(* favorite of favorites :D)

    Harry Potter:


    Harry w/ Ginny, Pansy, Luna, Dalpne, Astoria, Tracy.

    Ron w/ Hermione, Pansy, Luna, any other female

    Severus w/ Lily, *Sinistra, well most any woman really

    Hermione w/ *Draco, Ron, Victor, Fenrir, Rudolphus/Rabasian

    Ginny w/ *Blaise or any other male


    Harry w/ Fenrir* (don't ask me why it just is), Blaise(maybe), Viktor Krum, OMC characters... NO Drarry and HELL no Snarry. Please.

    Ron w/ Blaise, he can match with most anyone else too i don't usually go looking for it though. If it happens then I'm okay with it.


    Severus w/ anyone but Albus, Hagrid, Lockheart, Pettigrew, Harry, Ron, Draco (of the top of my head) he's kind of my whore to a certain extent. All that reserve has to be holding back tons of passion, it leeks out in he potions work and he's just sexy as hell to me. I've enjoyed him with Sirius, Remus, James, Regulus, Lucius, Tom Riddle(I only recently finally broke down and ventured a see. I liked me more than I thought, but like I said Severus is one of my whores)

    Remus w/ Severus, Lucius, I'll accept other pairings but I'm just not as interested. I know there are a ton of him and Sirius and I suppose it could work, I just prefer him with others.

    Sirius w/ Severus, Lucius, Voldemort(yes I was shocked too. It's an extremely rare pair but of what I've read it's been good)

    Lucius w/ Remus, Sirius, James, Regulus, Severus (I prefer him as a bottom mostly. He just fits the role so well)

    Regulus: Severus, Remus, James( though i can't understand the stories where Reg tops), Lucius*

    Blaise is definitely another one of my whores. I'll pair him with just about anyone. Usually as a bottom, if it's slash though. He makes such a sweet gay man.

    I like to mix and match other minor characterless as well.


    Remus/Severus/Sirius, Severus/Lucius/Sirius, Severus/Lucius/Charlie, Severus/Lucius/Narcissa, Draco/Hermione/Blaise, Draco/Hermione/Harry (this is the only situation where Draco and Harry or Hermione and Harry get together though for me.) Draco/Hermione/Charlie. And most any minor character configuration of the slash persuasion.


    Remus/ Severus/Sirius/James just one story though. It was so well written I just adored it. Can't seem to find it anymore though and don't remember the name. :(


    I adore Severitus fics, especially ones where the Dursley's get their just deserts or ones where the light and dark side are reversed for good and evil. Evil Dumbledore is just fascinating to me. Harry going to the dark side or an independent side. Powerful/Intelligent/Slytherin Harrys are always fun. If he's the son of Severus or Voldemort that's a plus.

    Supernatural (RPF):

    Jared/Jensen* all the way. I don't really care who pairs up outside this pairing,(though Chad and Chris come in a close second)

    Teen Wolf:

    Derek/Stiles: no one else for these two.

    Scott w/ Allison or Issac

    Jackson w/ Erica or Danny. He's another that makes for an edgy bottom

    Danny pretty versatile as well and I'm okay with any other pairing with characters not mentioned above.

    Disney: A rather recent fascination because some of the pairings are... outlandish... unusual... perhaps a little wrong, but... intriguing and somehow work if written right.

    Beauty and the Beast: Beast/Bell, Beast/Gaston(iffy at best), Gaston/Lafu (we've been thinking it for years you have to admit)

    Aladdin: Jafar/Aladdin, Aladdin/Mozenrath (not really familiar with the character, never watched the tv series, but they work)

    How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup/Dagger*

    Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda/Frollo (this i know is perhaps the most twisted of the bunch but it's another where when written well it works, but then again that could be said for all these oc pairings)

    Well, i think that's all. Vv..vV

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