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    https://www.fanfiction.net/~theinfamou5c0pyc4t (for stories i've yet to post here... or just the original versions of some)

    'Kiwi' is my chosen term for 'softcore sex'; it's always sounded better than 'Lemon' to me.

    First: I do NOT do gender bender stories.  I hate them more than I hate crossover stories.

    Second: Yes, Neeba and I collaborate on my stories.  I doubt I’d write as much Konan as I do if not for him.  I forgot which came first: ‘The Lightning Deal’ or his Raikage/Konan pic (though the position was him).  But I’ve always been glad to have him as a beta, all the way back in the beginnings of ‘Hot Springs & Gloryholes’

    Third: If you wanna take my stories and post them elsewhere, you have my blessing, even if you don't credit me.  However, I did create a profile on fanfiction.com under the name 'the infamou5 c0pyc4t' (cool, right?).  On that site, I will post 'preview chapters' of sorts, meaning the beginnings of smutty tales, but without the smut, so at the very least, you'll be able to see what I'm working on, as well as the progress made.

    I don't have any set rule on requests aside from my obvious dislikes (like GB and crossovers and hardcore rape).  Just... try not to go overboard, and don't go underboard, either.  If you really want me to take to something, I need more than just 'do this pairing, the end'.  Of course, I already have a surplus of stories being worked on or edited to keep me occupied for years.  Many classics are being redone to fit a better image of what I had in mind for certain stories, such as 'Married Life to the Dogs' and 'Closet Costumes'.  I'm still working on a list to put up to show the stories being written/rewritten, but it'll take a while to sort everything out.  Um... I guess I can give a small list of things I'm currently trying to get out here:

    The Scroll: Tenten with the boys of the Rookie 9 (plus Sai, minus Sasuke): written with more depth, a better variety of positions and circumstances. all around, it'll flow better than the unorganized mess it once was.

    Tenten and the Thunderhead: one of the main reasons for my return was this idea, Ay getting Tenten

    Hinata and the Thunderstorm: revised, this story will not be as dark as the predecessor, meaning no rape elements whatsoever, but it comes with a twist that's just delightful

    Closet Costumes: Ichigo/Rukia/Orihime: one of the rare examples of smut where there'll be addition to the quality by subtraction

    Don't Gang Up On Me... AGAIN!!!: Lucy piled on by Natsu, Romeo, Mirajane and Levy after she witnesses dispicable acts in the sanctity of the library.

    Classic Stories Being Revised and New Stories:

    Married Life to the Dogs: Kiba/Sakura/Hinata.  When their husbands are indisposed or gone, Sakura and Hinata find the freedom of Kiba’s bachelor life... appealing.

    Eh, those are the particular stories that come to mind, but there are more in the works, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if something else came out before any of the afformentioned stories.  What can I say?  I'm hopelessly impulsive.

    Your friend,

    copier c. copycat

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