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    Recently Added: BLEACH: Ichigo & the Thunderbolt (Ichigo/Candice(/Senjumaru))

    This list is not entirely 'accurate'; I know I'm forgetting about a dozen stories, but these are the ones that have serious progress made.

    List of Upcoming Stories:


    The Haruno Massage Parlor: (Kizashi/Ino) Kizashi sets up a little parlor to cash in during a trade festival.  No one shows, so out of pity, Ino becomes his first client.  Kizashi is very happy to be of service.

    Hot Springs & Gloryholes One-Shot Collection: (Kiba/Tayuya) Sent to track down escaped criminal, Kiba and Sakura follow the music witch down a hole where traps await… (Possible Akamaru/Sakura on the side)

    Animal Handling: (Akamaru/Hinata/Hanabi) While Kiba is preoccupied, Akamaru makes his way to the Hyuga manor, and he is a very excited guest.

    Kurenai’s Lesson: (Kiba/Kurenai) Taking on a male Inuzuka has certain duties expected of his Jonin leader; Kurenai never shirks her duties.

    Signs of Aging: (Kiba/Kurenai) A widowed mother of a kunoichi setting out on journeys of her own leaves Kurenai distressing that she is perhaps too old for excitement.  Her former student, however, disagrees.

    Angel’s Order: (Jiraiya/Konan) The Sannin Era is ended, and now teacher and student clash in a war of wills, skills, and sex.

    Married Life to the Doghouse: (Kiba/Hinata/Sakura) A remake of the original, taking place in the era of Boruto.  Hinata is alone too often, her Hokage husband too busy to give her enough attention.  Sakura is the same, though her husband chooses not to be around.  Kiba is living life, and seeing Hinata’s distress, he cannot suppress feelings that had existed long ago.  Sakura just happens to be pulled in to the sin…

    Triumph of the Uchiha: (Sasuke/Tsume) The tracker hunts the rogue to the edge of Konoha, determined not to let him and his accomplice escape.  The rogue is determined not to let her escape either…

    Bring the Thunder!: (Ay/Tenten) Clumsy Tenten has made too big of a mess this time.  Ay is not forgiving...


    Getting Dirty: (Ichigo/Ikumi/Jackie) Riruka is furious that the Xcution base is a mess.  Jackie, to shut her up, calls a jack of all trades shop, unaware that it is the same one Ichigo works in.

    On the Job: (Ichigo/Ikumi) Ichigo and Ikumi’s job hunting finds them digging a tunnel, where it can get hot and lonely…

    Taking Matters into their Own Hands: (Ichigo/Orihime) Tatsuki once suggested that Orihime should use her breasts to inebriate Ichigo…

    Orihime’s Fetish: (Orihime/Mahana) With her bounty collected from the store, Orihime insists that Mahana look over the toys and bestow her knowledge…

    A Lesson: (Ichigo/Yoruichi/Soifon) Yoruichi convinces her two students, separated by generations, to learn a lesson together.

    A Dirty, Little Secret: (Mr. Pork/Riruka) Riruka hates dirty things.  That’s what she tells everyone.

    Playtime: (Jackie/Riruka) A dirty floor gets Riruka infuriated.  Jackie’s Fullbring can take care of that: the floor and Riruka’s attitude.

    Glorified: (?/Orihime; ?/Ikumi) Riruka lures Orihime to a room with a hole in the wall and her phone set to record the ensuing, humiliating actions.  Ikumi follows a lead for a job, where payment is offered through a hole in the wall.

    Train Ride: (Shishigawara/Orihime) Tracking the girl he’s supposed to take out onto a train, Shishigawara improvises on how to handle her.  So long as she doesn’t turn around…

    Teammates: (Ichigo/Chad/Ryo) Ryo goes to the best boys who are for hire for sports.  With no money, she makes a better offer.

    Onee-chan: (Ichigo/Orihime/Yuzu) Yuzu fears she is losing her big brother.  Orihime has an idea on how to convince her she’s not.

    Sprained: (Ichigo/Tatsuki) Tatsuki has a sparring injury, and rather than use her powers to heal her, the pregnant Orihime suggests Tatsuki go to her husband.

    Blackmail: (Yukio/Riruka) In possession of a video of Riruka in privacy, Yukio barters to humiliate her.



    Midori Days – Glorious Consequences: (Seiji/Ayase) The sacred rule of the pretzel stick has been broken.  One way or another, the two ‘players’ must reciprocate one another while their peers watch!

    Fairy Tail - Don’t Gang Up On Me... AGAIN!!!: (Romeo/Mirajane/Levy/Lucy) Lucy sees something in the sanctity of the library that Levy is curious to find out.

    A Geezer to Please Her: (Warrod/Erza, Happy/Wendy) Erza wants to please the founder in all ways she is able.

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