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    well, im really just using this  pen name as the best way i can think of to remain anonymous.  however, the little i am willing to divulge is this: i am a gay male in my 20's, and i live in the US.  i havent officially come out as gay to anyone close to me, but ive been gay since i was very young. however, i just recently got over a bout of forced(kinda) bi-sexuality, but now i think i can fully commit to my choice.  i love harry potter AFF, especially any harry/draco stories, as i think its a perfect match! however, i will read just about anything, gay or straight.  not a fan of darker themes like rape/incest in fics, so none of that will be in my stories unless absolutely necessary.  i am not by any means a good writer of stories, especially those of an adult nature, seeing as i am still a virgin in every way, however i have a very active imagination, and with reading so many stories here on AFF, i will simply try my best to write what i can!

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