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    Hi, my name is Samantha. I prefer to be called Sami though, since that's what I've gone by my entire life. I'm a television junkie and I love writing. So writing fanficiton is perfect for me! My all-time favorite tv show is Friends. I could literally watch it all day long!

    Right now I'm mostly writing stories for my favorite cartoon from my childhood, Braceface. It's not a well remembered show, so I want to give it some love. I'm the first to write Braceface fanfiction for Adult Fanfiction. I recently fell back in love with it when I felt nostalgic and decided to binge-watch the whole series on YouTube. And I even saw all the episodes that never aired over here in the states! I was surprised by how much stuff is in Braceface that I didn't get as a kid, but do get now. Anyway, it's really good! I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it before. Or if you live in the US like me, but have only seen the episodes ABCFamily or Disney aired before cutting it off, check out all the later episodes (I think Miss Understanding was the last one we got here). I promise, it only gets better as the series goes on!

    I may write stories for other categories eventually. I have about a million other shows I love! I also listen to many different genres of music. And I have a lot of favorite movies!

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