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    Name: Goddess Infinite 
    Birthdate: ????
    Age: Ageless (Appears to be 25)
    Sex: Female 
    Race: Goddess (Dimensional entity)
    Alignment: Neutral
    Strengths: A self-proclaimed "Jack of all Trades"
    Weaknesses: Sometimes naive, Often lives under a rock regarding certain topics
    Orientation: Bisexual (Female preference)
    Hair Color: Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Body Type: Lithe
    Elemental Type: All
    Height: ---
    Weight: -Blows you away-
    Organization: None
    Spirit Animal: ???
    Zodiac Sign: ???
    Chinese Zodiac: ???
    People label her: A cute bluenette
    Scars: None 
    Markings: None 
    Piercings: None
    Gifted: Who knows?
    Weapons of choice: Who knows? 
    Intellect: Vast knowledge of various universes she entered
    Personality Traits: Open Minded, Hedonistic, Mature, Reserved, Optimistic
    Romantic Interests: Someone kinky, and loving
    Relationship Status: Single (Swinger)
    Family: None
    Likes: Dimensional Travel, Bondage/BDSM, Gaming, Anime, Hentai
    Dislikes: Immaturity (Especially manchildren), Narrow mindedness, Ignorant folk
    Favorite Foods: Anything but pigs (Doesn't like bacon, sausage and pig legs)

    A multidimensional entity of unknown origins. There have been many speculations of these origins, but they have yet to be confirmed. Some say she is the creation of a socially awkward individual from a world called "Real Life", some say she comes from a long line of sorcerers who dabble in magic that allows dimensional travel, and others say she is a goddess from an unknown mythology. 

    She stands out from the average crowd sporting crystal blue hair and magenta violet eyes. And she can appear anywhere, as a witch in high fantasy, a scientist in a far-off future, or your average girl in modern times who loves to have fun. And as a Jack of All Trades, she has talents that fit her best for each dimension she resides in. 

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