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    I am a 30 year old, snake-charming, dog grooming, gamer girl. Owning a total of five boa constrictors, along with many other reptiles and fur-babies, I claim the title Slytherin-Goddess :)  I love reading and writing Draco/Hermione fan fictions. I usually update everyday to every other day unless something comes up. I apologize now if I delay a chapter life can get pretty hectic :)

    Most of my stories involve a disaster and angst. If you would like to review a story, please do so on the actual story and I will give a shout out and respond on the next chapter.


    My Stories so far:

    1912- Present Meet Past- A timetravel Dramione adventure to the era of Titanic

    Earth Shattering- A trapped angst Dramione adventure

    Bloody Valentine- One-shot Dark Draco

    Nature's Cruelty: Sequel to Earth Shattering

    Repeat After Me- Dramione Time Loop

    The Paths We Take- Multi-era time travel Dramione/Blinny adventure. Coming Soon: September 1st, 2019

    I am also on and Wattpad under the same username


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