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    We’re just some sex-charged people who love making stories. We were all raised in sexually restrictive households but fortunately we found each other and write of our fantasies.

    We both have absolute sexual freedom and love to bring other people to the same lifestyle. We love anything related to incest, insanely busty women and stories containing hardcore sex, absolute sexual freedom, bestiality, intense threesomes, outrageous cock and ball sizes, excessive cum production along with impregnation and lactation. 

    Our stories reflect what we believe in. We love constructive criticism and also hearing from readers. But we do need motivation to keep going. So if you like my stories and/or have any suggestions, send me feedback.

    She and I started out by ourselves but we and our friends in our swinging club all take in writing and take turns writing these stories. They reflect our beliefs and principles or a world unchained by restrictions on sexual freedom.

    The stories we write represent our deepest fantasies but we also love to hear and write about those of our readers. And please, if you read a story, at least leave a small review instead of nothing. 

    We each enjoy writing stories that get people aroused hopefully. Feedback is always welcome, positive or negative. 

    Ideas for stories are also welcome, since all of us are always looking for inspiration. Collaboration, ongoing correspondence and chat are welcome also.








    Who are we?

    We are 9 childhood friends who are not sex addicted. We are just healthy and happy people who realize the essential need for regular uninhibited fucking.

    What you CAN expect from us:

    Incest, Growth, Orgies, Gangbangs, Hyper (Endowments upwards of 3x the average size), Futanari, (solely hermaphrodites not transsexuals), Minor on Adult, Minor on Minor, solo, group, orgy, BDSM, humiliation, bi femdom, cbt, pedophilia, very extreme pedophilia, beastiality. 

    Necrophilia, incest, cuckold, voyuerism, fisting, insertions, menst, lactation, oral, anal, blackmail, Mg, Mf, M+g+, MF, M+F+, Fg, Ff, Fb, FF, F+g+f+b, Snuff, Scat and Watersports, Pregnancy, Inflation, (a bit of),

    AND SO MUCH MORE! So if you have any idea, go ahead and tell us! For sex is not made for life. But life is made for sex.

    If any of you have any story comments, questions or suggestions, contact us at

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