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    Embrace Your Sexuality without any Guilt.





    If you like the stories and are interested in helping us edit, it would greatly help our production, as I rely mostly on our readers for new ideas. We are all polyamorous, and ridiculously kinky which is reflected in our work. We thus try and experiment writing in different styles and to different genres, though incest/taboo remains our most popular category.



    Content Guidelines:


    Much of what I write about comes from experiences I've had, places I've been and people I've known. Born in the 90’s. Lost my virginity at 10 years old. Living large in the 21st century. 

    I will delete any and all comments that are insulting, harassing, bashing or that criticize lifestyle choices. If you don't like stories about swinging, incest, sharing, swapping, cheating and extra-marital fun, DON'T read or comment on my stories. I don't write them for you.

    You're not my audience. Move along.






    Please send your suggestions, comments and story requests to





    And remember!:

    "Sex is not made for life, but life is made for Sex."

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