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    Embrace Your Sexuality without any Guilt.




    Welcome to what is hopefully the Most Sexually Deviant Place on Earth, where we want nothing more to make you quake with orgasm! 

    As such, we attempt to encourage our readers to really put themselves into the story, bypassing the stigmas attached to our writing and before attacking it off the bat, delving into the lives of our characters.



    Content Guidelines:



    This page hosts stories depicting the nudity and sexual acts involving and in the presence of preteen and teen children, ages 2 to 17. Another heavy aspect is incest and sex between close family members of all ages and nationalities. This includes sex between male/female, human/beast as well as BDSM, bisexual and swinging.

    Please, remember that you have not been forced to be here and and thus should not force your hateful thoughts against us. For those of who are open minded, or simply like to read erotica, then welcome. Get your favorite toy or jack off spot, find a story and let your imagination run wild.

    Sex is not dirty, or solely for procreation as some would have it. It can be used as a way of reinforcing control and authority, to lessen harmful excessive modesty, to promote healthy body image and sexuality, for sexual education or other educative purposes, to build toughness, for art, to establish domination and solely for enjoyment.

    The stories we write represent our deepest fantasies but we also love to hear and write about those of our readers. And please, if you read a story, at least leave a small review instead of nothing. Anonymous comments are available for those who do not have accounts.

                                        How to Submit a Story Idea:



    Please submit all stories as SEPARATE attachments in RTF format, Word, or plain text format with the subject Story Submission. If you cannot reach us, know we are simply busy at that moment and will assist you however we can.

    Please, format the story properly (i.e. use blank lines between paragraphs). The more time and effort it takes to format a story, the less likely it is to be posted and, if posted, the longer the delay in getting it up.

    For paragraphs or summaries of chapters you can come up with, send them as well. If you would like to see how your idea is progressing or even aid us in the writing, please feel free.

    If you do not want your name to be included in the story, please indicate so. If that's the case, please indicate also whether you wish one of us to forward any mail about the story to you (otherwise the readers won't be able to send you any feedback). Also, should you wish to remain anonymous, tell us this as well as otherwise we will credit you for your idea.

    Thank you, and we hope to see your story or comment soon! 






    Please send your suggestions, comments and story requests to

    We are also on the Sharesome website under MarshalMarmont1812.
    (If you have sent a story, comment or anything else and we have not responded before the following update your mail may have been lost for some reason: please resend it. Thanks!)

    And remember!:

    "Sex is not made for life, but life is made for Sex."

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