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    I'm just a guy with a lot of ideas on his mind who loves making stories. Got any suggestions hit me with them. I love anything related to incest, insanely busty women and stories almost completely unrealistic containing hardcore sex, bestiality, intense threesomes, outrageous cock and ball sizes, excessive cum production along with impregnation and lactation. 

    If you have any story ideas, comments or suggestions, contact me at And please, if you read a story, at least leave a small review instead of nothing. 

    I enjoy writing stories that get people aroused hopefully. Feedback is always welcome, positive or negative, as I am always looking for ways to improve my writing.


    Ideas for stories are also welcome, since I am always looking for inspiration. If you want to be the subject of a story to more directly fulfill a fantasy of yours, please let me know and I will consider writing it for you.

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