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    My name is, shockingly given my username, Joan.

    So far, I'm on here purely for a single little project, that being the smutty version of my playthrough of Pokemon Ultra Moon. So, yeah, Pokemon for the most part. I might branch out, but I'll likely stay in that series for a while.

    As for the stuff hat you'll see in my stories, expect a bunch of girl on girl, girl on beast and femdom, because I'm super into that stuff.

    Also birds. There's probably going to be a lot of birdsex, at least if I have anything to say about it.


    If anyone is wondering what specific rules I'm using in the nuzlocke that Ultra Slut is based on, then it's the following;
    1: The run starts when I get my first pokeballs
    2: Can only catch the first pokemon encountered in an area that the game allows me to catch (Trial areas, for example, usually don't let you catch anything until after the trial)
    3: Nickname everything
    4:When I catch/recieve a pokemon, write about just how Althea has sex with it in the process
    5: If one of my pokemon faints, it becomes the sex slave of the person/pokemon who beat it. I may write that scene out if I want to
    6: If my entire party gets wiped, it's game over. Also, Althea becomes the sex slave of the person and/or pokemon that did it, and I must write that one out
    7: Unless it has a split evolution that I can access, no duplicates. For example, I'm unlikely to be able to evolve a Slowpoke into a Slowking, so that doesn't count. But if my first encounter on two different routes is an Eevee, I can catch both, I just have to make sure they evolve into different things.
    8: I have pre-emptively forfeited the Hau'oli City encounter. That's going to be the event Rockruff.
    9: If they still give you the egg in Paniola Ranch, I get to keep that one. And write about how it happens, as I have something quite special in mind for that.

    Also, one thing I'm running with in Ultra Slut is that humans are basically pokemon. That explains the psychic humans, human aura users, and so on. It also means that standard pokemon breeding rules apply to humans, too. Namely that they can reproduce with each other.
    And yes, that means that the hints I've made that the Meowth is Althea/the PC's father? That's completely and entirely true.

    It's unlikely to have any actual story effect, unless there's a sequence that involves laser pointers. Althea might have trouble there.

    If you're wondering why the Rowlet wasn't named in the first three chapters, that's because, while I knew what happened in the very start of the game, I didn't actually have it yet. Also, rule 1. I hadn't actually started the nuzlocke at that point in the playthrough. Once the Rowlet got a name, though, that's when I had gotten the game and was going off of actual play.

    Also, the first Hau fight was omitted entirely, because it really adds nothing whatsoever to anything.


    And then I also went and posted Ultra Slut up on Hentai Foundry because why not.

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