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    It's been quite a while since I last edited this bio, so let's try to make it something a tiny bit more relevant, shall we? 
    This is essentially going to be an introduction to me, as well as the worlds I tinker with. 

    I started writing about five years ago, and so far, I've written a bit of everything, from anime, to games and then back to original stories. Currently, I have a few projects going, and I always try to have one or two stories running at the same time. What those might be, I don't quite know yet. I never really know until I decide to write it. 

    Now then, as for the worlds I have, some of them might require some attention. 



    Novus is the story dedicated to Samus Aran's final mission in my Metroid universe. On a bounty hunt for a high value target, Samus Aran, the fabled bounty huntress, crash lands on the wild, uninhabited planet, going through trials and tribulations on her quest to claim her foe's head, as well as escaping to tell the tale.
    - The main series of Novus is finished, though I have some ideas lingering in my mind. 

    Upgrade is a series of smaller, standalone stories that is based around the standard edition of any Metroid game; namely, going about to collect various upgrades for Samus' Varia Armor. Some of these Upgrades are beneficial, and all of them will add a great variety to the bounty huntress' fighting style. Or lackthereof. 

    Other than that, I have oneshots of various World of Warcraft stories, though none of which have any planned second chapters. Nonetheless, Noxious Acid and Welcome to the Alliance were fun to write, and even more fun to hear about later on. 



    Naruto is essentially everything I have for Anime right now. There are a few other stories I'd like to undertake, some of which I'm working on as of writing this, but another anime I want to write something for is definitely RWBY. 

    Window Shopping was based around a prompt I did in a Discord server, and later on, this story was followed up by Pale Eyes on Purple Shades, which was once more followed by Parental Education. It's strange how one exhibitionistic woman can affect so many people's lives without even knowing it herself. 



    Now this is where things get convoluted. I mainly have a set cast of characters that go about their daily lives, and sometimes, that involves a horny teen and something more hiding in the steam of a sauna, such as what happened in Steamy Coincidence. A rising master criminal spreading their terror across an island in Dexterous Mess and Contradiction might be for you if you want something slightly serious, but that feeling will taper of very quickly once you learn of a master thief's hoard of treasures. The story Of Feathers and Fortune might as well be a Dungeons and Dragons story, in the way that it is based around a quest, an adventurer's plight, and a foe that might be a tiny bit too high leveled for the adventurer in question. One can only learn from their own mistakes after the fact. 

    Other places I could be found? Well, I do have a Fanfiction account going by the same name as here, though it isn't in much use other than replying to PMs. 
    I have a DeviantArt account going by the name Kodalai, though that one will be reserved for original works, erotical or not. 

    And there we go. That's more or less my bio as of writing this. Thank you very much for checking this out, and I'll be seeing you in the next one, whatever that might be. 
    - F.D 

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