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    I am HuntingParty. Most of the erotic stories and fanfictions that I write will be about the male protagonist paired up with various female characters from the same series. I'm also trying to write some erotic stories about famous celebrities and Cosplay celebrities from time to time as well.

    English is actually my second language, so forgive me if you tend to find any grammar mistakes inside my stories. I'm happily open for any ideas, requests, and suggestions for stories to do, but please understand and respect if I would decide not to write your idea. And I would like to make clear that I do not do any Yaoi or Yuri pairing stories.

    Series That I'm Interested In or Currently Writing:

    1. Video Games
      1. Fallout series
      2. Dragon Age series
      3. Metal Gear series
      4. Suikoden series
      5. The Witcher series
      6. Borderlands series
      7. The Elder Scrolls series (Mostly Skyrim)
      8. Ace Attorney series
      9. Mass Effect series
      10. Fire Emblem series
      11. Breath of Fire series
      12. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic series
      13. Saints Row series
      14. The Walking Dead video game series
      15. Grandia series
    2. Cartoons
      1. Kim Possible series
      2. Avatar series
      3. Fairly OddParents series
      4. Danny Phantom series
      5. Ben 10 series
    3. Comic Books
      1. Marvel series (mostly focused on Spider-Man)
      2. DC series
    4. Anime & Manga
      1. One Piece
      2. Dragonball
      3. Highschool DxD
      4. Digimon
      5. SKET Dance
    5. TV Show & Movies
      1. Star Wars series
      2. Disney movies
      3. Castle TV Show
      4. Hotel Transylvania
      5. Back to the Future series
      6. Blue Bloods TV Show

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