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    Name: Kyal, Umi, and Nova are all acceptable names.

    Pen Name: FriskyFlareon, xMeowz, Umari Moon are all the most known names I go byhave used.

    Age: 22.

    Location: Florida, hoping this'll change soon.

    About Me: So you've come here from my old account. Well, welcome! If you're new here, welcome! I'm Umi and I am a write of about 8 years. Sometimes I read, but it heavily depends on my mood. I don't update consistently so don't hate me too much. My passion when it comes to writing is creating beautiful romance between humans and their Pokemon and, as many have said, I succeed very well in this. So, sit down and relax and enjoy what I give ya!

    Favorite Song Quotes:

    The Unguided - Inherit the Earth: "You don’t inherit the earth from your parents, you just borrow it
    Borrow it from your children
    Now ask yourself who pulls the strings of your life
    And cut them one by one.."

    The Unguided - Phoenix Down: "I spread my wings (my wings again)
    Why am I cheating death (when it is life that's the enemy?)"

    Previously Written:

    ATP (from old account): ATP is a story all about Pokephilia and smut. Evan was a gas station employee who had a boring life. Someone brought him into the world of Pokephilia, where he met Zanna, an Umbreon, and Izen, an Espeon. Izen and Zanna are twin sisters who developed feelings for Evan, while he also did for them both. Lot of smut.

    Once Unloved (from old account): A stray Mightyena lives day to day alone with her thoughts. Deep down, she knows why she is and she hates herself for it. But it's who she is and she has to accept that. But one day that changes when an unlikely human is informed of what she was doing and gives her what she needed most: a friend. She was Once Unloved.. Not anymore.

    The Move (from old account): Moving to a new house is always difficult. It's even more difficult when you have a Pokemon whom you always fight with. But what if the fighting is caused by a misunderstanding? *Gift. One-Shot*

    Writing Now:

    Frostbite: For some, life is to work for what you enjoy. Some are born into lives of luxury, never having to work for a thing they want. They just naturally have all these talents and are able ot make it in life. Those are the stories that everyone knows about. Nobody every knows, or cares, about the other lives - the lives where people struggle to make it day to day. That's what this story is. *WARNING: EXTREMELY DARK STORY. HARDCORE 18 STORY*

    ATP Rewrite (Name undecided): Niko was fired from his job quite some time ago because New Mauville was having a rough time in his area. So with no job to pay for his rent, he decided to sign up for a bi-weekly Pokemon tournament. Who'd have thought that it would lead him into a massive illegal Pokephilia ring that is run by someone who preaches about Anti-Pokephila?

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