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    I live for Saiyans. And I love sexual stuffs. Do the math <3

    Top faves: Raditz and Bardock. Not sure which one I like more.

    I ship ALL OF THE SAIYANS as long as they're adults, ofc. 

    Pairings I enjoy the most: Raditz/Goku, Raditz/Vegeta, Toma/Bardock, Vegeta/Goku, Bardock & Goku, Bardock & Raditz.

    Threesomes I enjoy the most: Raditz/Vegeta/Goku, Raditz/Bardock & Goku, Toma/Gina/Bardock.


    I do not support human culture, and certainly do not apply it to Saiyan culture.


    I'm 'alphalightbearer' pretty much everywhere on the internet [except my personal stuff] but I'm most active on ao3 and deviantart, and now tumblr.

    I go by 'alpha' because I got so used to being called that XD Has nothing to do with rank. I'm nonbinary [that's kind of a big thing for me. But I don't really care which pronouns you use as long as they're not she/her ^^] Virgo, aka chill... Or at least I try to be XD [have zero tolerance for bigotry and 'stupidity'. And by that, I mean people who are stuck in the old ways, corrupted by religions, and deny reality.] I have an open mind, maybe a bit TOO open? I love laughter and humor, so don't take me seriously ;) 

    I draw, mostly, [dbz ofc] and I have ONE decent fanfics going on :/ Idk if I'm brave enough to post it on another site... Maybe when I finish it. It's on my ao3 ^^ [Home is Where the Sex is. Heed the tags O_O]

    I recently finished another fanfic, 'Jizzerella' a story about Toma/Bardock, also on my ao3. I'm thinking about posting it here as well ^^

    I'm currently working on 'Vegeta's Pre-training Technique'. I may post it here once it's finished.


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