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    Felgia Starr is a fanfiction writer living in a small city from the Philippines. She discovered fanfiction by misusing the Internet and looking up iCarly stories. Her first ever OTP is Seddie (Sam and Freddie from iCarly). Soon she fell out of reading fanfiction, in general, and resurfaced when she looked up Teen Titans fanfiction for the ship, BBRae. One day, on a journey of searching for good smut, she found a Dramione fanfiction on AFFN; the story is titled 'Suppressed Emotions' and the fic introduced her to the whole Harry Potter fandom, making her fall in love with the HP universe. From then on, she swore to forever stan Dramione as a sort of way to pay the ship back for immersing her in a great fandom.

    can be found on Tumblr as felgia-starr, on archiveofourown and AFFN as Felgia_Starr, and on FFN and HPFF as Felgia Starr

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