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    Hey, name's Dai. 

    New to adult fanfics, but this is pretty much the place I came to when a bunch of lemon fics in fanfiction.net was taken down, despite how there should be an M rating that should allow the fics to be up, but whatever. 

    I love MegaMan, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, and so on. 

    Hopefully anyone that happens to pick up on my fics will take the time to read and review it. And I hope my fics are fap material. ;3

    Reviews are ALWAYS welcome. It's basically food to the writers here. So please give lots of reviews, so I can keep the chapters coming. :D

    Oh, and for anyone that wants some eyecandy on boob sizes, especially in the fics I write, here:


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