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    I'm just a writer from NW Arkansas, down here doing what I love. I've recently gotten back into fanfiction, and decided to explore a little of it with my own writing.

    Some of my fandoms include:
    Final Fantasy
    Attack on Titan
    Yuri on Ice
    Fairy Tail

    I enjoy writing fantasy and supernatural, especially when it comes to magic and battles.

    Find me on Social Media!
    Facebook - MistahRoi
    Wattpad - MistahRoi
    Tumblr - MistahRoi
    Continue the Eos Adventure (FFXV Fanfiction) group Admin
    Promptis Love FFXV group Admin


    Love and Peace!

    Much love to my beta, MrBenzedrine89!

    I'm on the lookout for Betas for and Attack on Titan fic and future Yuri on Ice fics.

    I'm not a great beta, but pretty good at being an alpha. But I will help where I can!

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