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    I’m a sensitive. empathetic house wife in Fort Collins, CO who enjoys the arts wholeheartedly. I also have a crass sense of humor and I can smell bullshit from light years away. :D

    I live with my wonderful husband in a one bedroom apartment, have a seven year old bloodhound cattle dog mutt, a one year old bitchcat, and take a shitload of medications and supplements for my chronic mental and physical illnesses.

    As far back as I can remember I have been writing. Many genres, various content, different demographics, fandoms, including poetry and free form prose. I love and do many things artistic and creative, including various forms of visual art and mediums of writing. My interests have always been quite crepuscular.

    I am also quite the film and music buff, so if you want to talk about your favorite bands, chances are I’ve heard at least six of them, and if you want to talk about your favorite films chances are I’ve seen almost all of them.

    I've only recently come out of a years long case of writer's block and am happy to say that I am once again enjoying the fruits of fanfic, and writing in general. I can only foresee this library getting bigger.

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