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    Hi there, I'm Finnian Sióg. I'm gay, Irish American and I write fanfiction. But not just any fanfiction, only the really squicky stuff. So if you came her looking for fluff, look elsewhere :) If you're still here, damn you nasty! But seriously, I commend you. There aren't enough of us weirdo's about.

    So anyway, yeah I'm 24, male, umm kinda really short. Baby-faced. Okay so I look like a middle-schooler alright? I might pass for 17 if I wear a suit, but I swear I'm in my mid-twenties!
    Anyway, enough about me, I write slash, usually Harry Potter (that kid can be paired with anyone, I swear). So if you want to read some weird Harry Potter slash you came to the right place.

    I also have an account on AO3 with the same username.

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