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    Hey there! My name is BigE2955, and I write a vast variety of fanfiction, both SFW and NSFW - although mostly NSFW. Although I'm willing to do anything, from OC to video games to books to anime, most of my stories are set within the universe of Naruto.

    Want to contact me? Hit me up on! A link to my profile will be left below.

    Want to suggest ideas for current/running stories? Sure! I'm always glad to hear them.

    Want to challenge me to write something? Hit me with everything you've got!

    Want me to do a written commission for you? Unfortunately, adult does not allow commissions.

    Interested in getting better at writing, either smut or just in general? I'm always willing to help! Ask and you shall recieve. :

    Hentai Foundry :

    Tumblr :

    Want to help me out? While I don't have anything like a Pateron set up, you don't need money to help me out! Leave a review on my stories! Follow and favorite them. Add me to your recommended authors. Thumbs up my stories on Hentai Foundry. There's plenty you can do!

    Thanks for reading through my profile. And as always - have an absolutely terrific day!


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