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    Yo! Sorry, I have no stories posted here yet ^^ I promise there will be something at some point. My brain is playing around with two at the moment. One is a fresher project, that is a priority, buut I'm stuck on so many minor details and plots and worlds and characters, that I feel so very overwhelmed of the thought of beginning a project here only to not continue it. It happened many years ago in another writing site... Instead, I read your stories~ and I am loving the hell out of your worlds and your characters <3

    I strive to review often but I do find my reviews lacking and not very inspiring, so sorry for that.

    If you want to contact me for whatever reason, please do so ^^ Got a twitter and deviantart profile shared up here~ also here's my discord id for a more instant chat (need to send me a friend request, or share a discord group): Stormlight#8508

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