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    Hello everyone! I'm returning to the world of fan fiction after about a 12 year hiatus. In the past I've focused mostly on Backstreet Boy fanfiction. I've really gotten into Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I'm currently writing two stories on my own and am co-authoring two stories with the wonderful and amazing SnowBlind12.

    I WILL NOT ABANDON STORIES PERMANENTLY. But I work on what my muse dictates....I will not write just to appease. I apologize for long delays between updates (if they happen) but I WILL get back to them.

    I'm a United States (Wisconsin) resident and a 34 year old wife and mom of 4 littles (ages range 2-8 years). I run a daycare out of my home (three more kids a day, M-F!) and am taking 6 college credits this semester. (I'm tired just writing it.) Free time is limited and when I do find time, it's often a toss up between doing something I want or sleep.

    My stories will be rated M for Mature. Explicit erotica, situations, and language.

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