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    Hello everyone! I'm returning to the world of fan fiction after about a 12 year hiatus. In the past I've focused mostly on Backstreet Boy fanfiction, but I've really gotten into Harry Potter Fan Fiction since December of 2016.

    I am a wife and mom in the Mid-west (four kids ages 3-9), in-home daycare provider, and part-time collage student working on a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I'm currently writing most of my stories with the wonderful and amazing Snowblind12.

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
    Wand: Maple with unicorn hair, 10 3/4", slightly springy, flexible
    Patronus: Eagle Owl

    My main focus is currently on Snow's and my Master Mine series, which we have linked to both our accounts on this site.

    You can find the entirety of the Master Mine series (once it's completed) here, on AO3, and on our joint accounts at FFN and WattPad. (FFN: SnowblindLissaDream: https://fanfiction.net/~snowblindlissadream).


    The Affair
    ...After Happily Ever After
    A World Not Fit to Live In
    Bless the Broken Road
    Master Mine Book 1: A Lesson in Submission
    Master Mine Book 2: A Lesson in Love (yet to be written)
    Master Mine Book 3: A Lesson in Forever (yet to be written)

    Leaving His Love One Shot
    Take Off Your Clothes One Shot (PWP)

    A Witch's Tale (Beta work by Lissa Dream)
    A Witch's Tale Two Shot (PWP)
    Confessions Under A Night Sky Two Shot
    Late Night Wanderings

    We will NOT abandon stories - but we work on what our Muses dictate and those bitches can be insanely fickle sometimes. We apologize ahead of time if there are long breaks between updates. Typically we update at least one story once per week.

    TUMBLR: Lissa Dream AND SnowBlind12
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snowand.lissa.7

    PROFILE UPDATED: 3/2/2018

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