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    UPDATE January 20th, 2019:

    Hi everyone! Just a quick update!

    Snow and I are T minus 9 chapters from finishing A World Not Fit to Live In. When it's done, we're moving on to Master Mine: A Lesson in Love. This is our tentative plan for our stories:

    A World Not Fit to Live In (Joint page)
    Master Mine: A Lesson in Love (Joint page)
    Bless the Broken Road (My page, but will probably move to joint.)
    Master Mine: A Lesson in Forever (Joint page)
    Runaway (Joint page)

    No promises that we won't start anything new or write some shorts here and there. I will do also do my best to finish up Leaving His Love as soon as I can. As always, we try to update one story at least one time per week.

    Love and thanks!!

    Lissa Dream: I am a wife and mom in the Mid-west (five kids ages 2-9), in-home daycare provider, and part-time collage student working on a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I'm currently writing most of my stories with the wonderful and amazing Snowblind12.

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
    Wand: Maple with unicorn hair, 10 3/4", slightly springy, flexible
    Patronus: Eagle Owl

    Other Accounts:
    Snow's: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/8544632/
    Joint - SnowblindLissaDream: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/10283698/

    You can find both Snow's and our joint account under my Favorite Authors, as well!


    The Affair - COMPLETE!
    ...After Happily Ever After - COMPLETE!
    A World Not Fit to Live In
    Bless the Broken Road
    Master Mine Book 1: A Lesson in Submission - COMPLETE!
    Master Mine Book 2: A Lesson in Love (yet to be written)
    Master Mine Book 3: A Lesson in Forever (yet to be written)

    Leaving His Love
    Take Off Your Clothes - One Shot (PWP) - COMPLETE!

    After the Fall - One Shot - COMPLETE!
    A Witch's Tale (Beta work by Lissa Dream) - COMPLETE!
    A Witch's Tale - Two Shot (PWP) - COMPLETE!
    Confessions Under A Night Sky - Two Shot - COMPLETE!
    Late Night Wanderings - COMPLETE! (But watch for an epilogue!)

    We will NOT abandon stories - but we work on what our Muses dictate and those bitches can be insanely fickle sometimes. We apologize ahead of time if there are long breaks between updates. Typically we update at least one story once per week.

    TUMBLR: Lissa Dream AND SnowBlind12
    Joint: https://www.facebook.com/lissa.snow.77
    Lissa’s: https://www.facebook.com/lissadean.27
    Snow’s: https://www.facebook.com/anne.snow.92775
    Email: SnowBlindLissaDream@gmail.com

    ART: All hand drawn/computer generated art is not mine. I always try and ask the artist to use their stuff, but sometimes I don't get a reply or I don't know who the artist is. Snowblind and I make our own collages, but pictures and art used in said collages belong to the artist. If you are an artist and see I'm using you art, please PM me if you would like me to take it down. If I haven't given you credit on my profile and you're okay with me continuing to use your piece, please send me your artist name and link to whatever page you want me to direct your fans to. Thanks!

    Master Mine Art and join FFN icon - By Alena KP

    Profile Icon on FFN & WP - By MyWitch

    Other Artist Favored:
    -Alena KP
    (link above)


    -Up The Hill

    PROFILE UPDATED: 1/20/2019

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