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    I've not been writing for long, maybe since September 2016.  

    My first two Ninjago stories, on FFN, are what I would call rubbish.  I still look back at them and cringe, wondering if I should just delete them and move on or attempt to edit them, but I really can't be bothered.  


    Since writing, I've noticed my styles have changed, sometimes I can be too descriptive sometimes not enough, maybe some are too dialogue heavy but I can never seem to find that right balance so any reviews would be great.

    My newer stories, namely: A little proposal, and it's counterpart: a whole other realm, are my most recent additions on FFN and now here.

    TBH,I kind of resented cutting the MA content from them, because even in the cartoon the three main characters in this story all act in a similar way.  Two of them Jay and Nya, are classed as boyfriend and girlfriend and we see them kiss on more than one occasion, so it's not like I'm making it up hehe.

    I know that my grammar still needs improvement.  So I'm always trying to find ways to improve on it, heck I've even subscribed and downloaded a version of Grammarly to see if that helps some.

    Well, I'm hoping that it helped to edit and correct my most recent submitted dissertation.

    Oh, I'm a nursing student, in my final year and finally...my present username shows my fondness of the God of lies, it was initially Fairycakeater (something very innocent and innocuous)  

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