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    Hi all, this is the same Origami Fish from ffnet, creating a more adult corner for my little SW universe. I didn't want to violate ffnet's guidelines but my muse was rabid...and I'll be posting more adult 'outtakes' from my Star Wars sandbox here. They will be technically 'Fish-canon'  but won't be nearly as long as my ffnet stories. All will be one-shots....I hope. As always,  Star Wars belongs to Disney, I'm just enjoying my little corner of the fandom. Enjoy!

    Stories so far:

    Boredom on Borleias- Anakin/Tahiri, PWP: takes place during aDA chapter 13ish
    Shower on Mon Cal- Anakin/Tahiri, PWP: takes place during aDA chapter 37ish
    Night on Zonama- Anakin/Tahiri, PWP: takes place after aDA, before Swarm War

    Dreaming of Home- Anakin/Alema/Tahiri, hurt/comfort: takes place during aFU: SW chapter 9
    Flights of Fantasy- Anakin/Alema/Tahiri, takes place after aDA chapter 42

    Duty Bound- Taryn/Zekk/Trista, PWP a more adult version of a scene in aFU: SW chapter 32 (but it takes place when the Fate Unseen trilogy is over)
    Knight Unbound- Taryn/Zekk, takes place after aFU: SW, before aFU:LotJ

    To be posted when done:
    Going Bad, Feeling Dead- Anakin/Alema, takes place between chapter 14 and 19 of aDA, what really happened on the asteroid
    Losing Faith, Feeling Alive- Anakin/Alema, an altered destiny where Tahiri dies on Myrkr and Alema comforts Anakin upon returning from the mission (technically not Fish universe canon, but something that's been floating around in my mind)
    Honor Bound- Taryn/Zekk/Trista PWP another adult version from the Swarm War ch22 (from the Chiri Aros 'Histories of House Zel')

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