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    Hi all, this is the same Origami Fish from ffnet, creating a more adult corner for my little SW universe. I didn't want to violate ffnet's guidelines but my muse was rabid...and I'll be posting more adult 'outtakes' from my Star Wars sandbox here. They will be technically 'Fish-canon'  but won't be nearly as long as my ffnet stories. All will be one-shots....I hope. As always,  Star Wars belongs to Disney, I'm just enjoying my little corner of the fandom. Enjoy!

    Stories so far:

    Boredom on Borleias- Anakin/Tahiri, PWP: takes place during aDA chapter 13ish
    Shower on Mon Cal- Anakin/Tahiri, PWP: takes place during aDA chapter 37ish
    Night on Zonama- Anakin/Tahiri, PWP: takes place after aDA, before Swarm War

    Going Bad, Feeling Dead- Anakin/Alema, takes place between chapter 14 and 19 of aDA, what really happened on the asteroid

    Dreaming of Home- Anakin/Alema/Tahiri, hurt/comfort: takes place during aFU: SW chapter 9
    Flights of Fantasy- Anakin/Alema/Tahiri, takes place after aDA chapter 42

    Duty Bound- Taryn/Zekk/Trista, PWP a more adult version of a scene in aFU: SW chapter 32 (but it takes place when the Fate Unseen trilogy is over)
    Knight Unbound- Taryn/Zekk, takes place after aFU: SW, before aFU:LotJ

    To be posted when done:

    Honor Bound- Taryn/Zekk/Trista PWP another adult version from the Swarm War ch22 (from the Chiri Aros 'Histories of House Zel')

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