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    Not much to say about me - I live in the UK and I'm old. I love dogs. My husband is very patient and my daughter kindly did the first Beta work for The Constant (and I am still locating and fixing errors I have made so please bear with me). My dog is cute but dim, just like her owner :|

    The story I have uploaded is called The Constant and it is complete. It is MCU AU and follows on from Captain America:The First Avenger and what happens to Bucky Barnes when he falls from the train in 1944 right up to modern day. There are 105 chapters. I hope you like it. In some ways you have to read it all to understand why everything happens.

    There are some pictures that are used within the story, as these cannot be shown on the site I have included a link in the relevant chapters. If you have trouble viewing them just drop me an e mail and I can send them to you (especially chapter 104:Sticks & Stones - (which relys a bit on you seeing what they wrote was their autographs).

    Warning: The story is very dark and I hope I have selected all the warnings but if not and you are at all worried please let me know. It contains torture and rape so please be aware of that. In no way do I condone, accept or encourage rape and neither does my OC Freya Bowman but circumstances may seem as if she accepts it at first. Hopefully as you read through the story you will see how not only she changes but so does the Winter Soldier.

    Finally thank you for reading :)


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