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    Hi All,

    I'm all new to - but I should say, I'm all new to publishing anything I write. Writing has been a hobby for me for a lot of years now, but I've never had the courage to show it to anyone so far. Now, I'm showing a little bit of it here to everyone :)

    I'm not a native speaker of English, I'm Hungarian, but I have an MA degree in English. The reason it does not show is because I haven't had to use the language in the last 9 years. My interests turned elsewhere, when it turned out that making a living from teaching English was not something that's encouraged in my little country ie. you can starve to death on the money you can make with it. So I've been working as a system engineer for the last 4 years, and therefore as a kind of side-effect, I also have a degree in electrical engineering.

    My love for Star Trek is new found. I have always been a huge Babylon 5 fan (I learned English by reading the fanfics around it as a teenager), so I've always been like 'B5 rulez, ST sucks'! But one day this spring, I was on holiday and by accident ran into a rerun of The Next Generation; the episode was Descent, and though the dubbing was horrible, and I now know that it's far from being the best episode, its cliffhanger was enough for me to google it and try to watch the second part of it. And the rest as you say was history. :)

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