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    my name in rina and i am just one big anime nerd. i mean there is more to me then just anime... i mean i am 70% water i guess and i got long hair?

    better description time other then me being funny. i am a 22 year old girl with way to much time on her hands. and tends to let her mind wander as her hands type (pretty much what i am doing now...)

    anyway some of the animes i am a fan of starting from my favorites to the ones i can think off the top of my head



    kaichou wa maid sama



    himouto umaru chan

    akame ga kill (so many feels)

    natsume yujin-cho

    yona of the dawn

    one week friends

    i am currently watching the lost villiage with a bunch of friends. not sure how i am feeling about it...

    so yeah i am most likely gonna post alot about inuyasha and i can't promise that i am the best author, i am doing this for shits and giggles when i am bored and really wanna type and be creative on my days off.

    ps i am a huge harry potter fan as well.

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