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    C_Wade's Bio:

    About me:I'm 24 years old, male and live in Berlin, Germany. I'm studying Computer Sciences and work part time as 'Junior' Software Engineer. I started reading fanfiction almost 12 years ago, although the smut came later. I have always been interested in writing my own works but haven't published anything until recently.

    What I like (in general):

    1.  Reading, and more recently, writing FanFiction/Original Fiction
    2.  Music, be it classic, rap, rock or whatever
    3.  Watching movies
    4.  working out

    What I like (in Fiction):

    1.  Stories were characters consist of more than height, hair color, and their breast/penis size.
    2.  'Realistic' stories, as far as fanfictions allow that.
    3.  Smut,  'Happy' sex, meaning, where all participants enjoy themselves

    My favorite 'verses are in no particular order: Naruto (W/o RtN), Harry Potter, Supernatural, Mass Effect, HoD, Highschool DxD, Bleach, Lord of the Rings and many more...

    What I don't like (in general):

    1.  Stupid people
    2.  People that try to force their expectations on you
    3.  Hot Weather
    4.  Traffic Jams

    What don't I like (in FanFiction):

    1.  Bashing, really guys, why do you do this? There are a lot of ways to make a character you don't like appear negative, without screwing him over at every turn...
    2.  yaoi, nothing against homo- or bisexual people, I just don't want to read it... live and let live, you know...
    3.  OP characters, stories just aren't interesting to read if the protagonist can just blow everything apart without even trying.
    4.  same goes for all those 'inheritance'-fics, where they get a buttload of crap shoved up their ass, just because (and worse, if they don't even do anything worth mentioning with it and just have it to brag about or something).
    5. the old harem cliche, where the protagonist gets a bunch of (or all of) the hot women surrounding him, often for almost no reason...

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