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    As of the creation of this profile, I'm a long time reader but somewhat new to the world of writing smutty fanfiction, or really writing fanfiction in general.  Mostly I'm interested in various JRPG fandoms, both mainstream and more obscure.

    I read and enjoy all kinds of fics, but my preferences when it comes to writing are more towards the romance side.  Expect to see more fics involving canon couples being madly in love than, say, orgy scenes.  When possible I like to use elements that are specific to the given game to add flavor to my stories.  Ideally I want to write fics where you couldn't just swap in characters from another fandom and have it all make just as much sense.

    My own attitude toward sex is something of a mix of romantic and playful, so expect to see that reflected in my fics.  Some elements you'll likely see a lot would include light femdom (again more to the playful side than, say, leather and whips), premature ejaculation (I just find it funny and hot at the same time), and cunnilingus scenes (I love going down).

    Hopefully you enjoy my fics, and feadback is always welcome.

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