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    Girl who likes girls - bit of a wannabe top - bit of a porn addict - I have a couple of personal fetishes - don't talk to me about gender politics - it's all messed up!

    I write kinky femslashy porn because I like it - so sue me. Currently indulging my favourite older sub/younger Domme, lezDomme fetish with my non-cannon, AU Joyce Summers/Faith Lehane kinkfest 'The Remaking of Joyce Summers' - which may not be the snappiest title ever - but it does what it says on the tin!

    Computers scare me a bit...

    Old enough to know better...

    Complete feedback whore - please tell me what you think...please! Huh - needy much!

    If you want to talk about my fics or anything femslashy-kinky you can contact me in the forums- I promise to reply!

    Oh did I say I like girls?

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