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    Girl. 25. Avid reader. Writer when inspiration strikes. Very curious and inmersed in original works, lately.


    Projects/Original writing:

    Only m/m. Romance.


    * As time and sand slips away through your fingers: 50% Done. A three part story, multi-chaptered, long. Estimated around 100,000 words. Posted. Royalty & Slavery.


    * Ellese: 10% Done. multi-chaptered, short. Estimated around 30,000 words. Vampire & M-preg. Posted.


    * Untitled for now: 25% Done. One-shot. Estimated around 8,000 words. Doctor & Baker/ established relationship & break up. Not yet posted.


    * House of Cards: 0% Done. Multi-chaptered, medium. Estimated around 50,000 words. Spin-off of As time and sand. Royalty & Anti-hero. Not yet posted. Not yet decided to write it.





    I have a tumblr: http://i-am-really-sorry.tumblr.com

    (You can msg me/shout at there)

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