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    Hello and welcome!

    I am an experimental artist/fanfiction writer who is currently occupied with Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail. That being said, the disappointment that comes with my involvement in the fandom has a name; it’s Neirah. 

    Neirah is an OC of mine who was birthed in my art on April 7th, 2001. Since then, she has traveled through many fandoms and original novels/projects with me. I never go anywhere without her, she’s been my inspiration for far too long to be abandoned. For that reason, if you read/follow my works, expect to see her take many forms; god, demon, royalty, peasant, mortal, beast. Neirah has been a little bit of everything. This is a mature supplementary account for my main FanFiction . net account. If you have questions about the story or references in progress, please find me there (or anywhere, really) under the same pen name :) 

    If you accept, or even learn to love Neirah in her all-types of adventures, I’ll introduce you as my best friend. No questions. 

    I am a timid artist and author, but I’ll try my very best to please!

    Although Neirah is not my name, you can feel free to adjust me as such, or Nei for short. Fans of my artwork have adapted to referring to me as such, so what the heck. If anything, I’m honored to respond to such. 


    Your humble entertainer, 



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