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    Well, hello there, inquisitive reader.  Since you’re here, you’re curious about me...  Or you hit the wrong button...  Either way, no escape now.

    I write mostly speculative fiction, the deep space, Star Wars/Star Trek like side.  Mostly...  Many of mine have the classification of Military Sci-Fi to them, most with strong female leads, and most with F/F pairings.

    I've been writing for two decades now, varying stuff. Never joined any sites, basically taught myself everything I know from books, school, and a little hard work of reading the stuff from years back. This is the first one I've done anything like that to and most of that is because of my good friend and beta.

    I have a thing about showing people my work. (Rolls eyes.) Strange that I should come to a site where everyone will read someone's work, isn't it? Anyway, wild tangent again. It makes me nervous and uncomfortable. So here's to breaking that and having people read some work of mine.

    All of my writings are original ideas and publishing would be the final endgame.  That involves getting over this nervousness, so I guess this might be a good step forward. YAY!

    Reading follows much the same. However, in addition to the science fiction spectrum, I like reading history, learning and expanding the knowledge, and history discussions are always a plus, as well as the biographies of historical figures. Not necessarily the 'heroes' of the past. Sometimes the villains of the past hold better stories ;).

    Many of my characters are flawed characters and...  Wait, are you still there reader?  Jeez, this happens all the time.  Oh, there some of you are...  Flawed characters create the story and make for an interesting sojourn into a story.  At least, I think so.  So, that’s what I look for in stories and novels I read, too.

    I think I have bored you all enough with this...long winded bio. Hope you enjoy what I have posted, as time goes along, hopefully I can get more posted up.





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