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    Just giving this a whirl. Not much of a story writer, poetry and interviews yes, but not fiction.
    I was a photographer for a few years for a magazine, I shot strippers, then a facility manager at an ice rink, now I am self employed doing all kinds of fun shit.
    I help friends craft cosplay/larp stuff, build decks and furniture, work on older cars and motorcycles, paint houses, and all sorts of other things.
    I play hockey as a goaltender, fish and have been solo under canopy after freefall skydiving, the fact that I'm writing this attests to the fact that I survived the landing. : )
    (that's not me in the photo, just a photo I took while waiting to go tandem for the last time.)

    I use commas way to much, almost to the point of them being a fetish. It's a thing deal with it, or not, it's up to you, as is everything in life. : )~

    I'm 52 years young and finally living as a human should.

    I love

    sci-fi: Serenity/FireFly, Star Wars ( iv was the one that took my sci-fi virginity), Star Trek, Farscape, Ender's Game (before you ask both) and quite a few others

    fantasy: Harry Potter (Luna Lovegood is as far as I'm concerned the most complete heroine ever written into a story period.) The Magicians, The Librarians etc

    Anime: TriGun, Ghost in the Shell, Harlock: Space Pirate, and a bunch of others and now Dimension W

    I'll clean this up more when i can and make it interesting sorta or not

    Leave me comments or reviews or just help me fix my horrible punctuation : )~

    "My grammar doesn't suck, my punctuation, well ... "

    My keyboards dying so should you see I'm as i'm, 'm, i m or just m, lemme know.

    “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.”

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