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    Do you sometimes wonder why there isn't more fanfiction of your favorite show? The answer is simple, reviews. And I don't mean the "Oh my god, you suck so bad because that it not how I would have done it even though I don't have the balls to do it" kind of review either.

    It's okay if you don't like a story.

    It's okay if a story is not really well written.

    I'm gonnna tell you a secret...this is a porn site. This is not where Pulitzer prize winning writers come to post. This is where people come who like to fantasize about their favorite characters doing nasty things. It is human nature to fantasize. Your fantasies brought you here and that's okay too.

    What is not okay is to tell someone that their efforts are wrong; that their vision is stupid because it is different than yours. Quite frankly, unless you have written a story or stories of your own, I don't give a shit what you think. Because, unless you have put yourself out there and exposed yourself to the critism, your opinion is impotent. It's like telling a pilot how to fly a plane if you've never sat in the seat.

    So, those of you who feel the need to critisize anybody's story, I have this to say.

    Unless you have written one yourself, shut the fuck up!


    Just be grateful that somebody tries.


    A simple thank you is good enough.


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