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    My name is BadEndXXX. If you know the 'Daily dose' or 'Piccolo Dick', you know me.

    If you are searching for more of my works (that will be animated works as I am principally a PrOn artist), I'm also on Hentai Foundry, Y!Gallery, and Furaffinity. All under the same name, fortunately.

    I exclusively draw/write gay porn, and my speciality is bad tempered characters/big Villains who need a lesson. Monsters, tentacles, anything and anyone that will teach them their place is on my list of potential partners.

    You'll only rarely find consensual works on my pages, so if it isn't your cup of tea, just stay away from them or me, for your own good, I mean XD thank you. Just in case you had hated something you weren't supposed to read, I think you'd prefer to know that I answer to insults, with the worst PrOn I can think of.

    Last, english isn't my mother tongue so bear with my lack of vocabulary and try to at least enjoy the situations, thanks^^

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