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    They/She/He - 30 - United States of America - Married

    I don't have a preffered pronoun and I don't want you to feel bad for calling me whatever you'd like. I've felt horrible about misgendering people in the past and I don't want you to feel that pain.

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    Hm, this is always a difficult section for me to fill out because there isn't much about me that stays the same over the course of a year. I'm going to try for 10 things.

    1. I'm rather anti-social. It's not that I don't like other people. I usually do. It's that I have no idea how to act around others. My personality is... not abrasive, but hard to relate to unless you're a half-way mature male and don't get offended easily. Most people my age have children and I don't understand any aspect of being a parent. My interests are also less than popular. Then there's everything about which you're going to read. Plus I don't drive and don't want people in my house. Because the word neat could NEVER be used to describe me.

    2. I'm obsessive. I get stuck on things, foods, games, activities, manga, etc. for months or years. While I'm obsessing about whatever I don't shut up about it. "Oh, that guy looks like that character!" "Let me tell you about the 39 chapter fan-fiction I'm reading about a series you've never seen in great detail." "I know we've had Taco Bell for dinner every night for the past two weeks and you don't like it much but I REALLY want it again and technically it's lunch time so..." Then I'll lose interest for months or years then I'll come back and be all crazy about them again.

    3. I'm a sucker for poorly written romance. Not the kind where the author uses the wrong form of your or when they don't understand where or in what situation a possessive ' goes. The kind that has major oversights in the plot and really cheesy lines. I also have a tendency to appreciate non-traditional parings if the traditional paring isn't perfect in every aspect. Even if there is little to no evidence that the characters would be into each other and especially if they hate each other and them getting together would be f*ed up. As long as the fan-fiction creates a situation that forces/convinces/whatever the characters to fall in love I'm happy. Again, romance. I appreciate and even like angst but no completely N/C dark fics for me thanks.

    4. I pick up on color, images, patterns and language rather quickly. People say I'm creative but really I just build upon other peoples' work and my base knowledge. TBH the language thing gets old fast. Sure, I can understand almost every accent (super thick older male Japanese businessman is rather trying) and I can learn to audibly comprehend a foreign tongue faster than anyone I know. But, I also change my brain into that mode. You're speaking in a southern accent? Great! After about two minutes I'm going to start doing speaking with that accent as well. No, I don't notice when I do it. Try explaining that to the already irate customer on the other side of the phone while trying to remember how to speak in the normal American English with no discernible sub-accent accent in which the conversation started out. (Call centers are were hatred and all evil spawns.) I'm (properly) watching an anime in Japanese? Cool! When you ask me a question I know the answer for in Japanese I'm totally going to answer you in a language you probably don't understand. If I don't know the answer in Japanese I'm going to ask you "Nani?" and you'll have to repeat your question so I can switch my brain to English. Same thing happens when I'm watching tel-novelas only en Espanol.

    5. I am super particular. There is a proper way for things to be. When I go to my favorite Chinese restaurant when the waiter places my dish in front of me the mandarin chicken must be on the left side of the dish, the fried rice in the middle and the other chicken part (that I will only eat the asparagus or onions based on my mood) on my left. This must be eaten with properly seeped hot tea. Jasmine, green or black with no additives. (Seriously, who puts sugar in hot tea? And who drinks tea cold? Barbarians.) Also, I'm going to bitch about plot holes and characters acting OOC. Would that character know that word? No, and he would NEVER use a contraction! Oh, and that thought your main character had in passing on the first page of the first chapter is at odds with the developed character by the final book. Sure, she would have bitched about the situation but about a completely different aspect. I see my work the same way. I'll finish a drawing and post it all proud of myself until I see the completed post. Then I'm all, "The head is way too big, I should have put the arm in a different position and that line is a millimeter off..." Don't even get me started on my writing.

    6. I have a dark sense of humor, don't mind gross things and dead things don't bother me as long as they don't smell yet. I watched as a doctor harvest a body and he even let me hold a femur. Coolest day ever. That bone is heavier than you'd think. It explained why helping move harvested bodies was so awkward, even with the PVC pipe bone replacements. Although, watching that other gal remove his eyes was cool too. I have some great stories from working the night shift at a hospital as security with retired policemen that other people just don't appreciate. Especially when they're eating. I don't get it.

    7. I think stupid things are funny. I also believe that people who don't need to crawl out of their ass. 'Let's Be Cops' (a good movie, 7.5-8/10) was infinitely better than 'Birdman' (HORRIBLE movie! 0/10 if I could give a negative score I would). Yes, I understand that the premise to the first is over done and everything about it was cliche; but it was still funny. It wasn't trying (and failing) to be deep with scathing social commentary (that only people who say that dirty, cluttered coffee tables belong in an art museum would agree with). If you're going to do that don't overdo it to the point where I want to kill myself so I don't have to watch your cliche characters come to the invariable end I saw coming about 5-10 min. in. Ugh.

    8. My taste in music varies. Just the songs I've purchased from Amazon count 401. That does not include the ones I've added to my Prime list because I'm worried I'll get sick of them quickly. My iTunes has 4090 sound files. I do admit that many of those are from audio books. Possibly as much as a forth. I think I have at least one song from every genre of music. Except maybe Gospel. If I have Gospel music it isn't overtly preachy. I listen to music whenever a TV show or movie isn't playing and I'm not trying to be or asleep.

    9. I'm happily married. And I've been so (as far as we're concerned) for almost 12 years. This means many things, that I no longer feel the need to wear makeup, no longer find other people attractive enough to seriously consider being any type of intimate with and that I'm mostly boring. My idea of a kick ass evening is going out to dinner and a good movie then retiring to the bedroom earlier than normal or staying up until 7 am playing Pathfinder with our friends. On New Year's Eve I fell asleep at 8:30 pm.

    10. I'm bi-polar. Not the angry violent kind. The "hey, you haven't slept or eaten in two months-" "Sh! I'm doing something!" kind. Or, the "hey, you haven't been awake except to eat in two months-" "Sh, I don't care. I'm too depressed to live anymore." kind. Depends on the medication.

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