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    I take life seriously, but not myself.

    American Sports bore me.
    Only EPL, AFL, Rugby and Cricket pique my interest.

    I do not watch much TV, nothing is really worth watching anymore.
    I own a smartphone, but use it only for calls, Netflix and CRTV. It is off a lot of the time...
    I do not have a Facebook account. (My life is my business, except for what I wish to share.)
    I do not Tweet. (I am not a frigging bird!)
    I do not use Snapchat or Instagram.

    My hobbies:
    Writing stories based on the manga 'Love Hina'.
    Military model building, as I will be starting a SdKfz251/7D. I build and paint figures as well.
    Researching history and reading books on military history. (Hardcover print mostly, only about a quarter of my reading is online.)
    Watching some anime on DVD. Have my own player, and am very particular about what I watch. Dislike most popular anime, ex. Naruto, Attack on Titan, DB or DBZ of any kind, Bleach, etc.
    Cooking from scratch.
    Going for long drives by myself.

    Mild forms of sarcasm and innuendo are fun tools I use in writing, as well as some not-so-subtle themes too.

    Two stupid Latin phrases that sum everything up:

    Cum omni alio deficiente, ludere mortuis. (When all else fails, play dead.)

    Si primo non obtinuit, ut obliviscatur. (If at first you don't succeed, forget it.)

    This is Japanese, figure it out:

    Anata wa totemo no bakadesu.

    Chapter 11 is up, and I have made many corrections to the previous chapters. Added quite a few new details as well to clarify the story.

    More Keitaro/Kitsune one-shots and multi-chapter stories will be coming as well. I hope to begin writing them soon.

    I like comedic and light drama manga/anime.
    Not at all fond of stories that bash characters, shed excessive blood for no reason, have too much violence or gore and have endings that make absolutely no sense.

    Although a straight male, I enjoy reading Yuri manga/manhwa. Especially stories written and drawn by Morinaga Milk, Mira and Ratana Satis.

    Favorite manga/manhwa:
    Love Hina
    Kare Kano
    Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
    Ai Yori Aoshi
    Girl Friends
    Lily Love
    Strawberry Panic!
    Candy Boy
    Waratte! Sotamura-san
    Usagi Drop
    Maria-sama ga Miteru

    Favorite anime:
    Any of the 'Tenchi Muyo' series, especially 'Ryo-ohki' and 'GXP'.
    Strawberry Panic!
    GATE, thus the SDF fought here.
    Last Exile, along with 'Fam the Silver Wing'.
    Tamayura: Hitotose, and the subsequent series related to it.
    Candy Boy
    Girls und Panzer
    Strike Witches

    Favorite pairings:
    Keitaro x Kitsune
    Mel x Lynn
    Mew x Donut
    Kaoru x Aoi
    Shizuma x Nagisa
    Soichiro x Yukino
    Akko x Mari
    Kimihito x any monster girl (Miia, Cerea and any of the Minotaur girls are my favorite from this manga)
    Yuugi x Rory/Lelei/Pina

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